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(don't mind this. It's just me rambling about the nightmares I've been having lately and I simply need to spew them out into words and get them out of my system)

So ever since I was a kid I've always had the same kind of dreams and for the most part, none of them good. Growing up I blocked out a lot of those dreams by waking up every few hours in the night. Getting older I've been sleeping longer and not waking up so often. Every now and then Mr Jag's wakes me up and ask if I'm okay 'cause I'm having another bloody evil nightmare and I'm whimpering in my sleep.

Blahhh... normaly I get along just fine even after having these nightmares but now they are all changing on me and I'm to scared to sleep. Dreams that are normally of high sandy cliffs being washed away by tidal waves are now dry waste lands with deep cracks in the soil.

Fire is a common thing in my dreams and something that I normally never fear in the dream itself (or even when I'm awake). It's just something that I have to back away from so I don't get burned and for the most part it's perfectly safe and I have nothing to worry about it when it's consuming part of the dream. Seems like my tidal wave dream came over and decided to drown out those fires and leave me with a room flooded with water. Yeah.. not so scary but at least with the fire I knew what was happening in my dream and I had control.

And now for the final common nightmare that decided it needed an update. Snow in my dreams often leaves me with a sence of ill omen for the days that follow after I've had the dream.  Often the dream includes packs of wild dogs and great winter wolves biting and snapping and attempting to get into the house. Fun times.. weeh... *whimper* They always start out so nice though by seeing one big beautiful wolf with bright intelligent eyes standing in view of the window. 'course then all the lights start flickering and the mean pups come out to play.

Why did my scary mean pups have to turn into cats? I have no idea if this is good or bad. They don't attack but they do manage to get inside. The lights still flicker about inside the house and all I can see are the glow of eyes outside the window. My beautiful wolf became a bobcat with long black fur along his ears and down his legs. I've got a cheetah in the house behaving like a lazy house cat and an ocelot watching me from the back door. I'm still scared that they are all gonna try and get in but I'm more scared because I'm no longer alone in the dream. The other person it amused by all the flickering lights in the house and never seems to see the big cat that is looking right back at them from the dining room window.


I want to pretend these changes in my dreams are a good thing, but I've had these dreams since childhood. Your use to the things you know. Change is scary.

Anyway, to those that know me and see me every other day or so, if I seem sleepy or out of it it's because I am. I'll be okay though, just gotta work these bloody dreams out of my head.
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May 11, 2009


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